I am v.bad at making websites so sorry this one is a bit crap. However! I am v.good at doing drawings that honour and cherish the way ‘millennial’ women speak to each other, so I suggest not looking at this website too long and instead using it as a conduit to purchase one or all of the painstaking ink + paper things I made. You can also read more about how this whole mildly (emphasise on mildly) famous zine thing happened by scrolling to the bottom of this page if you want to.


If you would like to buy Facebook Chats w/ Women #1 online, please click the link below and pay me £2 per copy plus postage. Alternately, if you want 3 copies, pay me £5 plus postage. Postage = £1 UK or £2 US, Canada or Europe, regardless of how many you order. Leave your address in the comments section and I’ll post them to you.

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Another way to buy one would be AT A BOOKSHOP. Here is where is stocking them currently:

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A final way if via a Distributor. If you are in the US, I’m with Sweet Candy Distro. Scroll down to the ‘Fs’ to order Facebook Chats.


I’ve earnestly adored zines ever since I first found out what they were. (More about that here). I didn’t make one myself until 2016. That was Facebook Chats with Women #1. I made it because I was extremely fed up with my life at the time and wanted to prove to myself that I was someone that *could* make things, even if they were crap. I just wanted to do a project start to finish.

I decided to do the project about what I knew. I had recently read a really good article (I can’t find it now or I’d link it) about gendered difference in speech patterns between men and women, and how women are some crazy percentage more likely to preface what they’re saying with ‘I’m not sure but’ or suffix it with ‘but I don’t really know, lol’. This even though women aren’t less certain than men about what they’re talking about. We are just expected to spend more time moderating how we’re perceived and making other people comfortable. I realised that I spoke that way (still do), and that my friends did too. I started writing down poignant comments from our Facebook messenger conversations that I thought could easily be overlooked based on how innocuously they were phrased. I steadily learned how much secret knowledge of the world can be revealed to you if you stop tuning out after ‘I mean it’s totally nothing but…’. I built up quite a collection of to my mind funny, important and revealing quotes and started illustrating them. Facebook Chats with Women #1 is an amalgamation of those illustrations.

I printed a total of 100 copies, thinking my friends might cumulatively buy, say, 9, and the rest would last me for zine swaps for the rest of my life. Instead, what happened was that those 100 copies sold out in 3 days. Totally bemused, I printed another 100. They sold out too. Then I printed another 200. Then another 200. Shops starting ordering from me as well as individuals. I printed some more. Then ADELE. As in, THE Adele, bought a copy in Foyles. My friend was working on the till that day and called me to tell me she had bought my zine. I didn’t believe it ’til I looked online and saw that then she had just been papped outside the shop. Adele, if you’re reading this, it’s never too late to reach out about a collab ok. After that lots of other amazing things happened. I got a US distributor. I got asked by London Short Film Festival to make a special short publication for a Riot Grrrl event they were running at The ICA. I spoke on a panel at that event with GINA BIRCH from THE RAINCOATS.

In 2017, I started a pre-order campaign for Facebook Chats #2 and #3. However, despite people pre-ordering, it took me bloody ages to print it cos of various personal reasons. It will now be out in July 2018. Everyone who pre-ordered will still get copies, sorry they’re so late. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet but want too, email me.

Or just email me if you have any other questions, you want to do some kind of collab, or you want a new penpal. I’m into that. It’s claraheathcock@blueyonder.co.uk.