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Facebook Chats with Women is my first solo project that I actually finished and allowed to leave the secret projects box in my bedroom. DEATH TO PERFECTIONISM. This is a real imperfect object you can hold and I’m really proud of it.

It is a full-colour, properly printed + bound* hand drawn little zine about the emotional intimacy of friendships between women conducted via facebook chat. It’s kinda funny (I hope). It’s a collection of lines I liked from my own facebook conversations with friends, and that I thought were revealing about the way women speak to each other, alongside some line drawings I did of great selfies my friends took. *I paid for printing and everything, it looks dead proper.

You can buy one off me for £2.00, or 3 for £5.00, plus P&P (If you’re in the UK, that’s 70p for a stamp for one, £1.40 for two stamps if buying 3; If you’re not in the UK, email me and I’ll get a quote for postage for you).

The easiest way is to send me the money via Paypal – all you have to do is hit the Buy Now button below, then enter the amount of money you want to pay me (so for one zine sent to a UK address, that’s £2.70, for three, that’s £6.40), leave your address in the message to sender field and this will go right to me. If you don’t have PayPal, you can pay via bank transfer. To arrange this, send me an email and I’ll give you my details.

Once I have yr money I will put a copy in an envelope, write your address on it, stick on a stamp, put on my shoes, locate my mp3 player, and walk to a nearby postbox. I will probably play Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Move On Up’ on my walk to the post box as I will be very happy to have made a sale. I will dispatch on the day you order from me!! Amazing right?! What a service!! Tbh this zine is my main project at the minute so I have l have lots of time to walk between postboxes. Plus, I have got quite into addressing envelopes, it helps keep me busy/ stave off my tendency to contemplating the void of human existence etc.

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Another way to buy one would be AT A BOOKSHOP. Here is where is stocking them currently:


Armchair Books


The Good Press Gallery


News from Nowhere



Foyles – Charring Cross Road Branch
Gosh! Comics

Institute of Contemporary Art Bookshop (The ICA)
Orbital Comics


Brick Lane Bookshop
Freedom Press


Travelling Man

OR via a DISTRO, here’s who has them:

Odd Box Records
Verbal Remedy

N.B: Odd Box Records are based in Cardiff and table at lots of DIY gigs round there, and Verbal Remedy are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and regularly knock around feminist events up there. Getting stock off them would work if you’re in either of those areas and able to catch up with them at an event. That way you don’t have to pay postage to me, you can just physically pick a copy up off them. You can’t actually order off the websites I’ve linked too, those are just FYI’s on who those guys are/where they’re likely to be at soon, for if you want to try and bump into them. They’re dead friendly if you want to tweet or email them and ask them to bring you along a copy to an event you’ll both be at.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: